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Meet the Power Duo Behind Bubbly & Bougie:

Kara Allan & Mayra Solo

Kara Allan and Mayra Solo

Hey fabulous fashionistas and financial mavens!  Get ready to be dazzled because Kara Allan, the Celebrity Personal Stylist, and Mayra Solo, the Financial Guru, are the dynamic forces behind the fabulous fusion that is Bubbly & Bougie! 

Kara Allan: The Stylist Extraordinaire

With 20 years of fashion expertise, Kara is not just a stylist; she's a magician who transforms wardrobes into works of art. Every client of hers is a VIP, and she believes that style is not just about clothes—it's a lifestyle. From the runway to your closet, Kara crafts experiences that leave her clients forever changed. Style is her passion, and she's here to make you shine like the star you are! 


Mayra Solo: The Financial Genius

Meet Mayra, the financial whiz who turns dreams into financial plans. With a keen eye for numbers and a passion for empowering others financially, Mayra is your go-to guru for building wealth and financial well-being. Her expertise extends beyond spreadsheets; she's here to guide you on a journey to financial empowerment. Because being bougie isn't just about style—it's about having the financial freedom to live your best life! 


Kara Allan & Mayra Solo

The Bubbly & Bougie Beginning

Kara and Mayra's paths crossed in the glitz and glamour of Washington, DC's Fashion and Charity Shows. Bonding over a shared love of style, events, fun, and of course, champagne, the dynamic duo birthed the idea of Bubbly & Bougie. This brand isn't just about fashion and finance; it's a celebration of lifestyle, empowerment, and embracing the fabulous in every aspect of life! 


Kara Allan & Mayra Solo

Why Bubbly & Bougie?

Step into the captivating world of Bubbly & Bougie, where fashion transcends the ordinary, and every piece is an ode to your right to be effortlessly stylish, confidently authentic, and unapologetically fabulous. More than an online boutique, Bubbly & Bougie is a spirited movement crafted by the visionaries, Kara and Mayra. Join their exclusive community where style intertwines with confidence and empowerment, making every day a celebration worthy of a pop of bubbly!

Our curated collection is not just clothing; it's a narrative of individuality, a symphony of self-assured femininity that promises to not just excite but exhilarate you as you get dressed. Bubbly & Bougie is your sanctuary—a space where every woman is encouraged to redefine her style, embracing a transformative journey where confidence and empowerment are the guiding forces.

Immerse yourself in our vibrant journey on Instagram @KaraAllan and @bubblyandbougieboutique, and on TikTok @bubblyandbougie @KaraAllan for a daily infusion of inspiration. Should you be ready to ascend to new heights in your style game and embark on a journey of empowerment, fashion, and the touch of bubbly luxury, reach out to Kara at KaraAllan.com

Here's to embracing the beauty in your skin, where each piece isn't just an outfit but a statement of individuality. All eyes will be on you, poised to conquer every moment. Cheers to living the Bubbly & Bougie life! 

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Mayra Solo & Kara Allan